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Vesticon: Victory Over Vertigo

Dr.John Epley, a widely respected neurotologist.



Dr. Fred Arrigg and a patient discuss how he resolved her disabling vertigo...more>>


Copenhagen University Hospital on national TV with Omniax...more>>

Omniax TV Story Helps Balance Center Expand Patient List

Trinity Hearing and Balance is flooded with calls after news story airs in local area...more>>

U.S. Launch of Epley Omniax® System

New technology gives millions with vertigo hope for effective treatment....more>>

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unmet needs in vestibular care.


New Customer Video!

Find out what clinicians are saying about the Omniax. Click here or on the video above.

Come to the Epley Forum

Epley Forum for Differentiating and Managing the Entire Spectrum of Vertigo.

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Find out more about the Forum. Click here for more information



The Epley Omniax

Epley Omniax System

Become the Center of Excellence in your region.

Beyond BPPV: Detect, diagnose, differentiate and treat. Manage all positional vertigo (both particle and non-particle).

Unique, 360 degree access to all semi-circular canals.

Find out more about:
The Epley Omniax.


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